sábado, 20 de dezembro de 2014

The meaning of life (ou uma poesia estúpida em inglês)

The meaning of life?
Bukowski was right
We are in the wrong place
Brief lapses of time and space

We forgot who we are
Following order
Exploring others
I reached the border

I  am full.

With guilt
With madness
With anger
With pity

I feel the disaster coming
Like in the movies
Coming soon on your screen
Or god damn you tube

And we’ll watch sitting still, 
eatin’ popcorn and drinkin’ soda

What a hell is going on?

This game is no funny
Blowing my time to make them money
All this hysteria doesn’t thrill me
Dicks, money, lust aren’t my priority

Art, art, I need some in every day life
Fight club is a kind of flag I would rise
If you know what I mean
If you know what they mean

Alex DeLarge
Jack Torrance
Tyler Durden
Sal Paradise

Why  can I only spit this in  English?
Se eu não sei nem cozinhar arroz
Maybe this only proves how messed up I’m
Maybe this only proves how sold I was

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